Contents:Per 5 mL Vit A 1,500 IU, vit B1 1.5 mg, vit B2 1.5 mg, vit B3
5 mg, vit B
5 2.5 mg, vit B6 1 mg, vit B12 1.5 mcg, vit C 30 mg, vit D3 100 IU, vit E 3 mg, Fe 7 mg, L-lysine HCl 40 mg, Mg 10 mg, Zn 5 mg

Prevention & treatment of vit & mineral deficiencies.

Childn 4-12 yr 1 tsp tid, 1-4 yr
1 tsp bid. Infant ½ tsp bid.

: Hypersensitivity.

Drug Interactions
: GIT absorption of vit A may be reduced w/ neomycin, colestyramine or liqd paraffin. Absorption of Fe may be impaired w/ compd containing Ca including antacids & mineral supplements, bicarbonates, carbonates, oxalates or phosphates.

MIMS Class: Vitamins & Minerals (Paediatric)

ATC Classification
:A11AA - Multivitamins with minerals ; Used as dietary supplements.

Regulatory Classification:

Kidicare syrup: 120 mL x 1's; 200 mL x 1's
Reference: mims

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